0 (zero) Concept

0 Concept

The “0 Concept” or “Concept of 0” originated from India.
It is a reasoned and effective knowledge.

The numeral “0” represents symbolically the absence, the emptiness or the wholeness (universe,
earth, human being), as well as the order, the origin, the goal, the optimal condition or the equilibrium, the scale and measure, etc…

Let“0” represent symbolically a perfect state of health. Health is the goal. “0 Health” is the goal of health care or absence of need for care.

0 Concept reasoning

50 years ago an American dentist created a universally acceptable new way of doing dentistry by applying what he called “zero concept reasoning” and “proprioceptive derivation”(pd).

The idea of combining“0″ as a symbol and “proprioception”(self-awareness of our own optimal body balance) as an inborn faculty is utmost striking: both are common to all human beings and therefore have an impact on everyday human life as well.

All human beings share more or less the same core values and the same physiology. To consider these commonalities as reference and starting point facilitates mutual discussion on those values.

An ideal common starting point is found in a global symbol: Zero.

Zero emerged from India thousands of years ago as symbol for “Nothing” or Absence”.

Nothing or absence can serve as reference (” +/- 0 “) for reasoning and discussing issues. To start from scratch is to start from zero.

The Zero symbolizes also equilibrium, the whole, the full, health, environment, absence of difference and much more. The following examples will help you to better understand how to draw conclusions from zero. Any lack or excess is with reference to this 0.

Any interference will result in a modification of zero in a minus direction. So it is worth asking at the beginning: is a change /modification of a present status indicated or desirable? There are 2 possible answers.

1. If this is a reference, there is no indication for change.
This is synonymous with the absence of need of change  (eg : with the absence of need of stress, with the absence of need of effort, with the absence of need of waste of resources, a.s.o.)

2. Yes, there is an indication to change zero reference.
In this case, it is logic to stay as close to +/- 0 as possible.

a) Concerning waste of natural resources: what is closer to +/-0? The use of a plastic bag vs. paper bag?
b) Concerning waste of effort: what is closer to +/- 0? To work on a computer on any table or chair vs. to have a table and chair adapted to your physiologic posture and movements?
c) Concerning health: what is closer to +/-0? To rely on the latest life style medicaments vs. preparing optimal natural conditions for body use and health?
d) Dental health expenditure: what is closer to +/- 0? To increase the formation of dental hygienists vs .to increase formation of dentists?

With the help of plus/minus zero, we can draw conclusions on the effect any influence might have on our common values such as peace, non-violence, health, food shortage. The effect is appraised in a 4 point scale of acceptance:

+/-0 Reference
-1 Acceptable
-2 Needs improvement
-3 Not acceptable

We call this way of reasoning “zero concept reasoning”.