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The Dental Clinic and its staff and the services offered:


ADCERRA’s Dental Clinic

The Dental Clinic existed since 1982 as part of the dental care activity for Auroville and its surroundings. The Progamme was shaped as an outreach activity concentrating on the rural population and school students and became officially named as ADCERRA dental clinic in the year 2007. It is located in the Auroville Health Centre about 10 kms north of Puducherry, in the State of Tamil Nadu, India.

The equipment in the clinic was donated by a Japanese dentist in the year 2009.


Dr Amitoj , a full time dental surgeon at Auroville health centre

The building comprises of two parts, one for treatments and the other for scaling by Dental Health Workers. This clinic receives referrals for all major treatments from the sub-centres. The team here performs daily routines providing treatment such as X-rays, stain removal/scaling, deep cleaning of the root surfaces, sealants, fillings, root canal treatment and extractions.

Prosthesis work such as inlays, full metal crowns, ceramics, bridges, night guards, partial and full dentures are also done.

Hours: Monday-Saturday from 9:00 AM – 12:00 AM

Clinic team: Dr. Amitoj Sall since January 2011, and Rajalakshmi (registered nurse) since March 2012.

Administrative team: with Dr.Jacques Verré, Mrs.H.Suryaghandi and Ananda (accounting) since 2005, Banu (Secretary) since 2001.

Maintenance: Vladimir (technician) since 1992, and Geetha (cleaning) since 2006.