Piloting an outreach program


With the success of the rural dental care project in the bio-region of Auroville, ADCERRA is now in discussion with Syllogic Consultants to discuss the possibilities of piloting the outreach programme in another geography in India. The first of these meetings was held last month between the ADCERRA team, Aurovrata from Syllogic Consultants and Jayshree Venkatesan.

Jayshree has been involved in financial inclusion and financing of projects in rural India, and will be collaborating with Aurovrata and Syllogic in developing a plan for replication, including funding for the pilot. Syllogic Consultants is assisting ADCERRA with a systematic documentation of processes and developing a detailed pricing model.

Spreading the benefits to others


Today the project is expanding, seeking to reach out to rura communities across India. Recent dental care camps where held among tribal areas of Odisha. The outreach program is initially seeking to promote awareness and promote preventive care.


ADCERRA is seeking to partner with local dental surgeons eager to replicate the complete project within their communities. Young surgeons are now undergoing training to enable this project to develop elsewhere in India.