Kechela in Odhisa (formally known as Orrisa) since 2011 is a tribal area. There is a boarding school for tribal children coming from different parts of the area.

Two dental teams , comprising of two DSC02847_resizeoperators and two assistants , went to school for a period of 15days .

The dental treatment was done on improvised set-up such as putting 3 tables together and raised by bricks.

Treatment like scaling , pit and fissure sealants and ART technique were carried out.

Priority was given to the children: 20 kids/day + evening classes about oral hygiene. (Adults, teachers and staff were treated on appointment). Since 2011 every year our teams goes to Kechela for follow ups.DSC02933_resize

In the year 2014 we did a small comparative evaluation: the result showed that our   DSC02959_resize regular presence since 2011 is   encouraging:
– In the first year 95% of students needed dental treatment,
– In the 2nd year 83%
– In the 3rd year 54%
– The awareness on oral health has also improved a lot within these 3 years.
– Oral hygiene of the students is very good in general.
We have also observed the stability of the obturations (Fuji 7 and 9)